U11 Girls Win Gold!

Congratulations to the U11 Girls team for their outstanding performance and achievement in Edmonton! Here’s a summary of their journey to winning gold: The team participated in their first 9v9 tournament, which also introduced them to new rules like offsides, throw-ins, and the weird retreat line rule. 

Game 1: The girls quickly adapted to the new format and rules and started off the tournament strong with a big win. They had their best performance in this game and dominated the ball. The teamwork was great and were moving the ball awesome which helped us score 4.

Game 2: Faced a tougher challenge with the opposing team’s aggressive pressure, which required the girls to adapt since we had less time on the ball. It was a much scrappier game and we werent able to find the back of then net but we only needed a tie to go to the finals.

Final Game: A nail-biting match where we missed an open net and hit the post in the first 10 minutes but weren’t able to score one. The game went to penalties, where they scored 3 out of 4 penalties, and our goalkeeper’s (ANita) decisive save clinched the victory.

Throughout the tournament, the girls displayed excellent teamwork, sportsmanship, and passion for the game, making it a memorable and successful experience.This achievement not only highlights their skill and determination but also underscores their ability to handle pressure and adversity.

Well done to the U11 Girls team on their well-deserved gold medal!