Video Analysis

Video Analysis within Chinooks is led by Ale Pappalardo who holds International School of Video Analysis, PFSA Opposition Analysis and Coach Tech Soccer Opposition Scouting and Analysis certifications.


All teams U13+ within Chinooks FC receive video analysis sessions each season. A minimum of one game per season is recorded for the specific purposes of detailed video analysis and a 90 minute classroom session. Additional games are recorded for team and individual analysis and viewing. All games recorded are made available to players and coaches throughout the season.


Best in Class Veo Cam technology is used to record games. Formal analysis includes detailed review of the game by qualified video analysis coaches prior to classroom sessions. Sections of the game are identified for freeze frame and progression analysis using Veo program tools and annotations.


  • Review of games applying analysis of The Chinooks Game Model metrics
  • Isolation of game clips highlighting key learnings
  • Player observation and assessment against individual objectives and Individual Player Development Plans
  • Fully interactive sessions between players, team coaches and video analysis coaches
  • Group work taking learnings from the session and applying to the Chinooks Game Model understanding
  • Player records and takes way learnings and actions from the session


This video shows an analysis of various video clips, the interactive nature of the sessions and the classroom work delivered and presented by the teams.