Week 2 Outdoor

This week’s topic of passing will focus on targeting, angle of approach, and kicking technique.  Players will become more comfortable with various distances and weighted passes.

What is “Breaking Lines”?

Clarke (ND) defines breaking lines as follows. “Line-breaking passes are those that pass through the opposing team’s formation.
For example, a pass that goes between two opposing defenders is known as a line-breaking pass because it breaks through the defensive line.

Sometimes in soccer a line breaking pass is referred to as the “killer pass”. It’s the pass that splits the defence and gets the attacking player behind the defence so they can take a shot or cross the ball to an open player. While it’s great to keep possession of the ball, in order to score you’ll need to make that one pass that splits the defence.

Splitting the defence makes them turn their backs and run back towards the ball, which is dangerous for a defence because they are chasing the ball and can’t see other attackers are making runs behind them.”